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 Detailed Timeline of European History
Early Dark Ages (755-840) << Deep Dark Ages (840-967) >> High Middle Ages (967-1050)

Deeper Into the Dark Ages (840 - 967)
Fragmentation of Frankish Empire, Age of Feudalism in Europe

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Dark Ages Interactive Map

Europe 967 AD

Vikings Gain Control of Netherlands (840).

Note: Raids Become Conquered Territories. Vikings continue to raid and plunder coastal areas across the North Sea, including northern France/Germany and Britain. In addition, they also begin to accumulate territorial possessions in which they establish permanent, independent settlements.

(Timeline Continued Below)

Division of Frankish EmpireDivision of Frankish Empire (843): The Frankish Empire was consolidated under Charles Martel in 718, enabling the Franks to bring much of Europe under consolidated rule. The empire remained unified until the death of Louis I in 843. As was Frankish custom, the empire was divided among his three sons, into the Western Realm (blue), the Central Realm (shaded) and the Eastern Realm (yellow). The break down of centralization and cohesion would result in a constant power struggle among nobility, plunging Europe deeper into the Dark Ages. Results in a western realm (West Francia - Blue), central realm (Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy), and eastern realm (East Francia, roughly modern Germany). Serves as another step toward the formation of the nation of Germany.

Note: Evolving Concept of "Germany" and "France". The partition of the Frankish Empire was based on the natural distinction that existed between those in the eastern portion who considered themselves "Germans", and those in the western portion who considered themselves "Frankish". The separation into the Eastern and Western Realms in 843 further cemented the concept of "Germany" and "France". Germans were descendants from the large confederation of Germanic tribes that had maintained a distinct German language and culture since migrating from Scandinavia to mainland Europe. The Franks were largely the descendants of the Romano-Celtic peoples that made up the Roman province of Gaul. Even though they became subject to Frankish rule after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, and even took upon themselves the Frankish name, they retained the Latin language, the basis for the French language. - The World's Largest Maps Store!

Kievan RusKievan Rus Established by the Swedes (860): A Swedish Viking tribe migrated south into modern Kiev (Ukraine), subduing the Slavs in the area (the loosely organized Rus Khaganate), forming the Kievan Rusí state, the predecessor to three modern Eastern Slav states: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. It becomes the premiere Eastern European power, dominating trade routes from the Baltic Sea in the north, to the Black Sea in the south, and from the Khazar Kingdom in the east, to the Germanic states in the west. The vikings were assimilated into the vastly more numerous Slavs by the 10th century, evolving Kievan Rus into a purely Slav state, as opposed to a Slav state with a Swedish ruling class. It was based out of Kiev, the current capital of Ukraine.

Bulgarians' Conversion to Christianity (865): As the First Bulgarian Empire is in decline, they are invaded by Byzantines, who force a peace settlement upon them. The only Byzantine condition is that the Bulgarians become Christianized (they were still pagan). This marks the beginning of the Christianization of the Bulgarians. In addition to appeasing the Byzantines, Christianity legitimizes Bulgarians in the eyes of other Christian nations, improving their geopolitical standing.

Viking Settlements in England (865): Vikings (Norse & Danes) begin to settle along coastal regions of modern England, especially northern part of England coast. Today, there is still a major Scandinavian component to the genetic composition of people in this area. The Viking-ruled territory serves another step in the evolution of England, a "nation" distinct from the rest of Britain, and more powerful as well.

Note: Norse-Viking Relationship. Vikings are a collection of Norse, Danish & Swedish pirates, who raid and plunder vulnerable settlements and cities for sustenance and wealth. The Norse Kings demanded tribute from the Vikings' booty, but it was common for groups of Vikings to operate independently from the king, especially as they began to settle their own conquered lands. For example, those Vikings that settle the northern coasts of France (Normandy) become a sovereign nation for centuries.

Central RealmTerritory Gained by East Francia from the Central Realm (870): King Lothiar of Central Realm dies, causing this kingdom to be split between West Francia and East Francia (Germany). East Francia gains additional territories along its western border.

Territory Gained by West Francia from Central Realm (870): King Lothiar of the Central Realm dies, causing this kingdom to be split between West Francia and East Francia (Germany). West Francia gains additional territories along its eastern border (light blue area).

Kingdom of Italy (870): Louis I, King of the Central Realm dies. West/East Francia splits thin strip of territory along their shared border (shaded), while Louis II (son of Louis I) retains Kingdom of Italy (light orange).

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First unified Norse Kingdom (872).

First Norse settlement on Iceland (874).Norse Kingdom

Instability, Lack of Clear Leadership in Italy (875-962): Louis II dies. East Francia King Charles the Fat gains loose control over Italy. Upon his death in 888, several nobles attempted to lay claim to the Kingdom of Italy, leading to constant instability & lawlessness, as no suitor was able to exert control.

Decentralization of East Francia (888): East Francia broke down into a collection of loosely-affiliated petty kingdoms.

Decentralization of West Francia (888): West Francia had fallen under the rule of East Francia King Charles the Fat in 884. Upon his death in 888, West Francia devolved into a loose affiliation of several petty kingdoms. Charles the Fat's nephew Charles the Simple would gain recognition as King of West Francia in 893, but the "kingdom" would remain decentralized. King Charles would wield little real power.

Semi-Unified East Francia (893): East Francia had formed into a unified kingdom, divided into 4 semi-autonomous duchies.

Magyars Enter Current Homeland - Hungary (895): Magyars migrate into the Carpathian Basin, in modern Hungary, reaching the territory where they would establish a nation (Hungary). Significant populations of Magyars remained east in modern Romania, where there is still a significant Hungarian/Magyar population today. A small population of Slavs were found in their new homeland, who were either pushed out, or assimilated into the Hungarians. The Magyars would carry out raids against neighbors (Eastern Franks/Germans, Balkans to the south) until converting to Christianity in 1001.

Break-Up of Great Moravia (907): The independent Slav empire is broken up primarily due to Magyar invasions from the east. The western portion becomes the Duchy of Bohemia, the predecessor to the modern state of the Czech Republic, developing close relations with the German states (later known as the Holy Roman Empire). Moravians in the center form the independent petty kingdom of Moravia. The eastern half (the "Slovaks" predecessors to modern Slovakia) was conquered by the Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th century. Bohemians maintain Czech as their primary language, which has survived to this day. Slovaks also maintain their Slovakian language, which has also survived to the present day.

NormandyBeginning of Normandy (911): King Charles the Simple (France) cedes area of northern France to Norse invaders ("Normans") who had been raiding area since about 800. Becomes known as Normandy.

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Forerunner to England (918): Alfred the Great, of Viking descent, is the first to rule over most of what is now England, predecessor to the future Kingdom of England.

German Kingdom (919): East Francia throne overtaken by Duke of Saxony, who is typically considered the first King of Germany. Would expand German control to the east, subduing Slav peoples to create buffer against invasions.

Germans Gain Control of Netherlands (920): Vikings are expelled by the Germans in the Low Counties (modern Netherlands).

Birth of England (925): Athelstan, grandson of Alfred the Great, gains English Viking territory through marriage, which consists of a collection of small coastal petty kingdoms. This territory comprises most of modern England. Wales, to the east, is made a tributary state. Athelstan is considered first King of England, giving birth to what will become one of the most prominent nations in the history of humankind.

Kingdom of Croatia Formed (925): The Slav tribe of the Croats form the Kingdom of Croatia (shaded). The Croats would maintain their distinct identity throughout history, even while under long periods of foreign rule. Upon the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991, they once again became a sovereign nation.

Serbs Break Away From Bulgaria (927): Slavs in the western extremities of the empire break free of Bulgarian control, forming the Serbian Empire. It becomes the predecessor to modern Serbia, introducing the concept of "Serbs" as a nation.

Icelandic Free State (930): Norse settlers on Iceland establish Icelandic Free State, which remains independent until 1262.

German Kingdom Annexes/Conquers Italy (953-62): Otto I becomes King of Germany. First official Holy Roman Emperor. Guarantees independence & protection of Papal States. Also adds the Kingdom of Italy to the Kingdom of Germany in 962, conquering it after it descended into political chaos and infighting among potential heirs to the throne.

Byzantine gainsByzantine recaptures Crete (960).

Byzantine recaptures Cyprus (965).

Land Regained by Byzantine from Muslims: Byzantine reclaims lands to the east from the Muslims, weakened by internal divisions.

Land Regained by Byzantine from Bulgaria: Byzantine reconquers lands in SW Balkan peninsula from weakening Bulgarian Empire.

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Baptism of Polish King (966): Polish king baptized to Christianity, first recorded event in Polish history. The Poles were now recognized politically by the Pope, which would lead to the establishment of the Kingdom of Poland in 1025.

Note: Christianity Impact on Poland. Christianity unifies the Poles, empowering them to absorb other Slav tribes in the area. They are then able to extend to Kievan Rus to the East, to Balt territory in the North, Hungary to the South, and Germany to the West. Thus, they succeed in carving out an area roughly equivalent to modern Poland (foundation of Poland).

Hispania Christian Kingdoms: The Christian kingdoms in northern Hispania make substantial progress in reconquering lands from the Muslims, a process known as "reconquista".

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 Further Understanding:
 Feudalism Plunges Europe Deeper into the Dark Ages

The pre-843 consolidated Frankish Empire unified much of West & Central Europe. The subdivision of the empire in 843 among the three sons of Louis I drove Europe into greater backwardness, as strong, centralized rule devolved into a multitude of petty kingdoms throughout the continent. Fragmentation discouraged unification and urbanization, as the rule of law and the economy become entirely land-based (feudalism). Feudalism is a military/economic/social order where a monarch grants feudal lords large parcels of land in exchange for military service when needed, and taxes, in exchange for unified military protection. Knights and peasants within the Lordís realm were given smaller pieces of land and protection in exchange for their loyalty and military service when needed. The feudal lords (counts, nobles, etc.) would essentially rule the people on a piecemeal basis, even holding their own courts, and dealing justice as they saw fit. Peasants were essentially the property of the feudal lords, in a system within feudalism known as serfdom, a form of slavery which pervaded western and central Europe (former Frankish territories) in some form until the French Revolution (late 18th century).

Next: High Middle Ages (967 - 1050)

Previous: Early Dark Ages III (755 - 840)

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Dark Ages Interactive Map

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