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 Detailed Timeline of European History
Deep Dark Ages (840-967) << High Middle Ages (967-1050) >> Crusades (1050-1240)

High Middle Ages (967 - 1050)
Expanding Power Base of the Catholic Church in Europe

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Europe 1050 AD

Byzantine Conquest of Eastern Bulgaria (968): Byzantine begins to push back against the Bulgarian Empire, taking eastern Bulgaria, while Bulgaria is also under attack by the Magyars from the north.

(Timeline Continued Below)

Byzantine Conquests in Anatolia and the Middle East (975): Byzantine extends its eastern border deeper into Anatolia (modern Turkey) at the expense of a weakening Muslim Caliphate, which is suffering from civil wars. Byzantine then conquers Syria, Lebanon, and much of Palestine.

Denmark's Conversion to Christianity (980): The Danish King converts to Christianity, while also forming the first united Danish Kingdom (predecessor to Denmark nation). Supported by the Holy Roman Empire, due to their conversion to Christianity.

Norse Settle Greenland (984): Norse begin to settle southern coasts of Greenland. Only inhabitants were Eskimo peoples from North America.

Official Inception of France (987): West Francia becomes known as France, after Hugh Capet, Duke of the province of Ile-de-France (Paris) rises to the throne. The Capetian Dynasty, along with its tangent family lines, will rule France for more than 800 years. France loses territory and power to the rising Holy Roman Empire (German states) to the east.

Christianization of Kievan Rus (988): Kievan Rus state begins to become Christianized. They choose Eastern Orthodoxy over Roman Catholicism. As a result, Greek literature (religious and secular) is translated into their Eastern Slavic language, bringing a heavy Greek influence into Eastern Slavic culture, while establishing a bond between Kievan Rus Slavs and the Greeks/Byzantines.

 Further Understanding:  Kievan Rus Geo-Political Advantage

The East Slav territories of modern Eastern Europe featured large tracts of sparsely-populated, open land. This meant less competition for resources, enabling the East Slavs to build a large empire since they were able to remain a cohesive people. The openness of the terrain did not provide the natural barriers that have often served to subdivide ancestor nations into a multiplicity of sub-branch nations. Their 988 conversion to Christianity contributed further to this cohesion, serving as a unifying force, becoming part of the culture, and promoting a strict social order. The vast spaces of open land would prove detrimental at various points throughout history though, as it enabled large, conquering armies roll uninhibited into the Russian heartland, devastating East Slav nations. Examples include the imminent Golden Horde invasions in the 13th century, Napoleon's invasion, and the German invasions during WWI and WWII. - The World's Largest Maps Store!

Holy Roman Empire ExpansionDutch (1000–1433): Beginning in 1000, the "Low Counties" (named derived from low elevation) gradually became de-facto independent city-states and petty kingdoms over a period of 4+ centuries. They were ruled by the Holy Roman Empire in name only. Their roots are Germanic, but at the far reaches of the German power centers, they develop into a distinct people, becoming known as Dutch.

Hungary's Conversion to Christianity (1001): Hungarians convert to Christianity, gaining favor with the pope, and ending barbaric raids against neighbors. Hungarians (formerly known as Magyars) then proceed to conquer Transylvania in modern Romania. Other parts of Romania break away into independent kingdoms, including Moldovia (encompassing modern Moldavia) and Wallachia, although intermittently falling under Hungarian control.

Irish drive Norse off their island, ending Norse presence there (1014).

The Danish conquer England (1016).

Danish rule of EnglandEnd of Khazar Kingdom (1016): Collapse of Khazar Kingdom as a result of military defeats at the hands of the Kievan Rus.

Beginning of Norman Rule in Italy (1017): Normans (Norse Vikings that were ceded the territory of Normandy in Northern France) are invited by the Lombards (rulers of Central Italy) to help fight against Byzantines in Southern Italy. The Lombards were impressed with their ferocity in fighting on behalf of Christianity in Jerusalem (Byzantine crusade). The Normans, however, would take possession of Central Italy for themselves, ruling Southern Italy until 1189, before it became part of the Holy Roman Empire.

End of First Bulgarian Empire - Conquered by Byzantine (1018): Byzantine carries out series of invasions against Bulgaria (brown shading) between 1002 and 1018, incorporating the southern half of the Bulgarian Empire into the Byzantine Empire by 1018, establishing the Danube River as northern border. The northeastern portions of Bulgaria fall under the rule of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Byzantine conquests

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Note: How the Bulgarian Empire Weakened. In the 10th and 11th centuries, the Bulgarian Empire was constantly at war with the Byzantines to the south, and the Magyars (Hungarians) and Kievan Rus to the north. Byzantine and Kievan Rus became loosely allied after Kievan Rus became an Eastern Orthodoxy state. The Rus and Magyars also collaborated against Bulgaria, their common enemy. As a result, the Bulgarians were eventually defeated by the Rus in 969. The Rus were not strong enough to maintain the territory, but the Bulgars were sufficiently weakened to the point of being unable to secure their empire. This allowed the Byzantines to take control over the empire, which was accomplished step by step until 1018, when it was completely conquered.

 Further Understanding:  Byzantine Expansion

Byzantine began to recover from its gradual but steady decline dating back to the 7th century. They were largely aided by the weakening of the Bulgarian Empire, their nemesis to the north which had captured much of their historical Balkan territory. This allowed Byzantine to take control over the Bulgarian Empire, which was accomplished step by step until 1018, when it was completely conquered and the southern half was brought into the Byzantine Empire, establishing the northern border at the Danube River again for the first time in centuries. As Byzantine was increasing in strength, the Muslims to the east were also weakening. The Abbasid Caliphate was in a state of decline, as local sultans and emirs (who were supposed to be subordinate to the Abbasid Caliph), began to assert independence, breaking the Caliphate into smaller kingdoms. The Fatimid Caliphate (Shi’a dynasty) challenged the Abbasids, claiming authority through Mohammad’s daughter (the Shi’a view), rather than the first successor Caliph, who was Muhammad’s close friend (the Sunni view). This was the origin of Shi’a/Sunni rivalry. The Fatimid (Shi’a) rose up against the Abbasid Caliphate (Sunni), capturing Egypt, Palestine and much of Syria. The Fatimid decided to continue their attacks against the Byzantines, suffering decisive defeats. In turn, Byzantines was lured into the Middle East, expanding their territory into Arab lands for the first time since being defeated by the Muslim Caliphate in the 7th century. Byzantines were able to take advantage of a divided Muslim people, who were weakened by their civil wars. Therefore it was external events (weakening of Bulgarian Empire and Caliphate) which largely led to a resurgence of Byzantine.

Bohemia Conquered by the "German" Holy Roman Empire (1018): The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) conquers the Duchy of Bohemia, a semi-autonomous client state. The HRE forcibly submitted this Czech-dominated state under its total rule after it attempted to reassert its sovereignty.

PolandKingdom of Poland Established (1025): The process began with the conversion of the Poles to Christianity in 966, gaining the recognition of the Pope. The next natural step was to place a king at the head of the nation of the Poles, once a widely-supported candidate arose.

Norway's Conversion to Christianity (1030): Norway converts to Christianity, marking the beginning of the end of Viking raids. Raiding and plundering was not viewed as compatible with Christianity. Leaving behind their viking ways, the Norse engage in legitimate trade, while forming a loosely-unified government.

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Collapse of Muslim Empire in Hispania (1031): The Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba collapses after being beset by civil war, political infighting and external pressure from Christian raids, shifting the advantage to the Northern Christian kingdoms in the Christian-Muslim struggle for Hispania. The formerly consolidated Muslim kingdom in Hispania breaks down into several small, weak Muslim principalities, which are forced to pay tribute to Christian kingdoms.

Kingdom of Burgundy Annexed by Holy Roman Empire (1032): The Holy Roman Empire (HRE) annexes the Kingdom of Burgundy, which had become an independent kingdom in France. It became part of the HRE when it was inherited by the Holy Roman Emperor, Conrad II.

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 Further Understanding:
Holy Roman Empire ("German") Expansion

Starting with Otto I the Great (953), the German Emperors were also coronated as Holy Roman Emperor, and were able to exercise power over ecclesiastic authorities, appointing clergy, and even the pope himself. This enabled them to gain the support for expansion into new territories, such as Low Counties, Kingdom of Burgundy, Bohemia, Austria and Italy. It started with Otto I, who appointed several supporters/relatives to high ecclesiastic offices within the German Empire, allowing him to consolidate power and influence throughout the German States. The HRE was also able to appoint clergy throughout Western Francia (France), extending power west of Rhine, enabling HRE to gain territories to the west such as the Dutch territories and the County of Burgundy (historically belonging to the Western Realm, aka France). The pope was powerless to stop it, as Italy had descended into chaos, only to be saved by Otto I, who conquered those attempting to claim the title as King of Italy, and seeking to rule over Rome as well. Otto I conquered Italy, and established the Papal States, guaranteeing papal independence. However, the Papal States existed according to the will and mercy of Otto I. Yet, the HRE still remained decentralized, with dukes retaining the ability to rule their own duchies within the empire. This decentralization would eventually contribute to the decline of Holy Roman Empire power.

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Kingdom of Alba in Scotland (1034): Gaelic peoples from northern Ireland complete conquest of northern Britain by 900, forming the Kingdom of Alba, a predecessor to the future Kingdom of Scotland. They gradually expand until 1034, when the historical borders of Scotland are achieved.

Danish Expelled from England (1042): Results in the resumption of Anglo-Saxon rule.

Note: Byzantine in Southern Italy. Byzantine continues to hang onto its Southern Italy possessions, despite ongoing attacks by the Normans from the north, and the Arab invaders by sea.

Note: Croatia Resists Assimilation. Croatia continues to resist absorption into the juggernauts on all sides: The Holy Roman Empire to the west, the Byzantine Empire to the east, and the Kingdom of Hungary to the north.

Further Understanding of the High Middle Ages:

Mediterranean Sea Piracy: The Mediterranean Sea became a haven for Arab pirates, shifting the power base of Europe inland, as European kingdoms were largely unable to secure their coasts and establish naval dominance. This gave the advantage to the land-based powers in expanding their empires. Access to the Sea used to be an advantage in expanding an empire, but had become a liability.

Christianity in the High Middle Ages: The petty kingdoms that were characteristic of Early Middle Ages began to be consolidated into nation-states in the High Middle Ages, a response to continued barbaric raids throughout Europe during this time period. Christianity still dominated the continent, as most nations pledged allegiance to papal authority (whether Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodox). By 10th and 11th centuries, virtually all barbaric peoples in Europe had been Christianized, resulting in barbaric peoples denouncing such raids, and also in stronger defensive capabilities by nation states. The Christian Crusades would revive interest in Asia (beginning with Byzantine conquest of the Middle East, aided by Christian crusaders throughout Europe), stimulating Asian trade, and introducing Islamic science/enlightenment into Europe (as it was the Golden Age of Islam). Population grew rapidly in Europe during this time, expanding settlements to all corners. The Crusades were partially a consequence of the fact that centuries of invasions had developed professional soldiers, who were looking for an outlet for their skill set. Promises of glory, salvation and even potential riches served as motivation. With most of Europe Christianized, there is an increase in papal influence and a sense of commonality among Christians throughout Europe, setting the stage for the crusades later in the 11th century, and into the 12th century. The power of religion transcends nationalism and other loyalties. The belief that the individual is serving a greater purpose helps large, Church-dominated empires such as Byzantine and the German, Holy Roman Empire to further expand.

Next: Christian Crusades (1050 - 1240)

Previous: Deeper Into Dark Ages (840 - 967)

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