Interactive map of the entire history of Europe is now complete.

Interactive map of the entire history of Europe
is now complete.

The website has officially launched with the
introduction of the

Europe History Interactive Map
. I think it is safe to
proclaim that there is not another resource quite like it. This
tool allows you to visually navigate the entire
anthropological history of Europe, from initial human settlement
to the European Union.

With the interactive map, you can quickly toggle back and forth
through each time period, hovering your cursor over the
mouseover buttons for more detail about important events,
peoples and political entities.

Now, you can easily gain a
comprehensive understanding of European history without reading
an endless list of textbooks and articles. The graphical
perspective also enables you to visually see how the Europe
developed over time.

One of the greatest benefits of
the interactive map is that you can see how events affected the
region as a whole, while also being able to compare concurrent
events from around Europe.

Go to European
History Interactive Map

European History Timeline
: Significant events throughout European
history, laid out in chronological order. Includes several

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